Panel Discussion: An American Utopia?

The political system of liberal democracy and economic system of late capitalism seems so familiar and common that public debates on these issues are quite rare. In the light of the current geopolitical and economic situation, the question of “an American Utopia” and its alternatives has to be raised.

Join us for a lively and engaging panel discussion, organized as part of Anglophonia: Voices and Perspectives, which will take place in the library conference hall on May 4, starting at 10:50.

The panelists Prof. Tvrtko Jakovina, Asst. Prof. Brian Willems, Asst. Prof. Tihana Klepač and Asst. Prof. Sven Cvek will try to define the concept of an American utopia, trace its origins, and see how concepts of capitalist realism, Fukuyama’s notion of the end of history, and anthropocenic utopianism are related to the idea of an American utopia. Moreover, we’ll also look into some possible alternatives to an American utopia, see if there are any, and, lastly, determine what is the current perception of an American utopia in American politics.

The panel attempts to open up some questions and incite debate on these issues and we invite you all to join us and ask any relevant questions that you may have at the end of the discussion.

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