Conference Proceedings

The following are general guidelines for authors wishing to submit their papers for publication in XA Proceedings – the official publication of English Student Club X.a.

Editorial style conforms to specifications set forth for scientific publications in The Chicago Manual of Style. Your paper must employ the author-date system of documentation as outlined here.

During copy-editing, your references will be edited for style but will not be factchecked, so pay special attention to the accuracy of your references. Also ensure that all references are full, complete, and consistently formatted. Do not use a long dash to replace a repeated author name in a bibliography or reference list. Give page ranges in full (651–652, not 651–52).

Your paper should be sent as a Word document in Microsoft Word version 2007 or higher (preferred). If your paper contains figures or tables, send it in a separate Word document, but indicate whether you want to have it published as an appendix or in-line with the rest of the paper (indicate where the figures or tables are to be located in the paper).

The authors should submit their full papers to the following e-mail address: and write “Proceedings 2018” in the subject line.

The structure of the sent Word document should be as follows:

  • General Information (on the first page preceding your paper)
  • Paper Text (separate page after the general information)
  • Reference List (separate page after the paper text)


At the very beginning of your paper please write:

AUTHOR(S): LastName, FirstName MiddleInitial. (e.g. Smith, John A.)

(multiple authors should be separated by semicolons)

UNIVERSITY AFFILIATION: University of XXXX (write the English name of your University)


TITLE: PaperTitle

ABSTRACT: AbstractText

KEYWORDS: KeywordList



The abstract should be concise and should provide a clear overview of the content of the paper. Do not use acronyms and avoid citations to references in the abstract. Preferably use the abstract with which you applied to the conference but modify it accordingly (e.g. instead of “in my presentation I will” use “in this paper I will”).


Suggest 3-6 keywords that can be used for describing the content of your paper. Keywords should meet the following criteria:

  • Keywords should be one word where possible, though two‐ and three-word specialist terms are acceptable where necessary.
  • Keywords should not be too generalized.
  • Each keyword should appear in the accompanying abstract.
  • Keywords may be drawn from the paper title, as long as they appear in the text of the related abstract.



All lines should be double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 pt font and justified.

Keep formatting such as bold, underlining, manual section and page breaks, to a minimum.

All pages should be numbered consecutively in the bottom right-hand corner of the page, beginning on page 1.

The preferred length of the paper depends on the topic researched, but it should be no shorter than 9,000 characters (including spaces), excluding the general information, reference list, and appendices.

The body of the paper should be arranged into appropriate headings such as Introduction (obligatory), Literature Review, Methods, Findings, Discussion, and Conclusion (obligatory). Other headings may be used as well, as dictated by the needs of the paper. Type each heading and subheading on a separate line, left-aligned. Use a numbering or lettering system for headings and avoid excessive subdivision, as in “”, for instance. Use short headings and subheadings to make the structure of your paper clear.



The Reference List should conform to the editorial style of The Chicago Manual of Style. Sample citations can be found here.

Please pay close attention when creating your Reference List, since every work referenced in the paper must be found in the Reference List and vice versa.